Income Tax Preparation

If you don’t yet have a tax preparer, then look no further First Fruits Asset Management can prepare your returns for you. We can help you whether you are just filing a personal return or have a small busines return you need to file.  Once you collect your receipts using whatever system you devised throughout the year we can help you record various deductible expenses. Your receipts should be for medical costs not covered by insurance or reimbursed by any other health plan, property taxes, and job-related and investment-related expenses. We look forward to helping you navigate your income tax return.

While tax and legal and estate issues may be discussed in the general course of financial and investment planning Simplicity Wealth does not provide tax or legal advice. Please consult with your tax or legal professional prior to making decisions relative to these issues. Tax-preparation services offered through First Fruits Asset Management. First Fruits Asset Management is a separate and unaffiliated entity from Simplicity Wealth and Simplicity Solutions.

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